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JetPro staffs a wide variety of business jets, specializing in large cabin aircraft.  This includes Gulfstream, Bombardier (Challenger, Global Express, Lear), and Falcon.  JetPro can also crew a variety of other mid-to-small cabin aircraft. Learn more about the aircraft we crew here.

Yes.  Many of our pilots are typed and current in multiple aircraft.  In addition, we can easily add new pilots to our roster based on our client’s needs.

They are spread out across the United States. Use our interactive map here.

Yes, many do.  Since we specialize in large cabin aircraft, many of our crew members have experience traveling across North America and across the globe.

Yes.  JetPro carries a robust Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy which includes premises liability, operations liability, and non-owned liability.  JetPro also carries a robust workers’ compensation (WC) policy.  All of JetPro’s pilots, flight attendants, and technicians (both full time and part time) are fully covered under these policies.  Our insurance coverage is designed to work in conjunction with the insurance coverage that our clients already have in place to offer a very conservative and comprehensive solution. Learn more about our insurance coverage here.

JetPro offers a fixed retainer program in which one of JetPro’s pilots (mutually agreed upon by JetPro and our client) is set up on a fixed monthly retainer, usually 10 days per month but can vary.  This pilot is then assigned to one client and agrees to make himself/herself exclusively available to that client during the retainer period.  This fixed retainer program is also available for flight attendants and technicians.

JetPro.  We maintain a robust database of pilot records utilizing or exclusive CrewTrac™ system to ensure our crew members are in full compliance with the FAA when they work with our clients. Learn more about our CrewTrac™ system here.

Yes.  We have 1000+ pilots in our network, and the connections around the industry to find more if needed.  Our JetPro Recruit™ service allows you to find strong candidates and your next employee. Click here to learn more about JetPro Recruit™.

Rates are negotiable.  Pilots assigned to large cabin aircraft are typically paid more than pilots crewing smaller cabin aircraft.  Rates can also fluctuate depending on cost of living in various areas around the United States.

This is negotiable as well.  Our experience in the industry is that crew members that spend time traveling to get into position to fly are generally paid their daily rate.

JetPro handles the payroll taxes for all federal and state required taxes, both withholding from the employees paychecks.  JetPro also pays the employer portion of the payroll taxes.

No.  As JetPro employees, we become the employer of record.  JetPro sends a W2 to all its employees at the end of the year.

Crew members are generally asked to pay for their own trip expenses, then JetPro reimburses them.  This is an important element to maintain the proper employee-employer-client relationship.  JetPro pays and reimburses its crew members on a weekly basis using JetPro’s FastPay™.

JetPro crew members use our exclusive TripTrac™ expense reporting mobile app, designed specifically for business aviation.  TripTrac™ uses the smartphone’s camera to snap pictures of receipts and transmit everything electronically.  No fax machines. No scanners.  No hassle.  TripTrac™ also send an  electronic version of the full expense report back to the employee for their personal records, complete with trip summary information and photos of their receipts. Learn more about our TripTrac™ expense reporting mobile app.

All of the trips within a month are consolidated into a single monthly invoice for each of our clients.  Our TripTrac™ software not only generates the expense reports for our crew members, but it is also used internally to generate the invoices for our clients.  With the same detail as shown on the expense reports, our invoices are thorough and audit-friendly.

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