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JetPro’s comprehensive policies not only provide protection for our clients but also for every crew member that is employed by JetPro.
The employees on your payroll and the contractors you hire should both be protected with full coverage.

JetPro Pilots serves as the employer of record, and all JetPro crew members are fully covered under a robust commercial general liability (CGL) policy.  In addition, we also carry non-owned coverage, which would cover 3rd party assets that are ‘not owned’ by the client.  This adds an additional layer of protection for our crew and our clients.

In addition to CGL and non-owned coverage, JetPro employees also enjoy the protection of our full workmen’s comp program.  This helps protect the employee from an injury sustained while on the job.  This of course provides protection for the crew member, but this also adds extra coverage and protection for the flight department.

Using pilots and other crew as independent contractors can often be risky.  Many independent contractors are pilots flying for themselves.  Sometimes, these independent contractors do not carry the insurance that would be expected for proper risk management, even if they are operating under an LLC.  Flight departments should always ask about insurance coverage and understand their risk.

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