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one more way we do things right

Invoicing isn’t the most exciting topic to discuss.  We understand.  However, having the right information and the right detail on the invoice eliminates the guesswork and helps you understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

With JetPro Pilots, we also pride ourselves in being fully transparent.  Our invoices are designed to include time and expense detail for every crew member on every trip.  This expense detail is generated from our exclusive mobile app, TripTrac™ 

Designed by JetPro Pilots exclusively for business aviation, TripTrac™ is provided free of charge to our crews to track their time and expenses for each trip.  It accommodates flying days and positioning/standby days, which are sometimes billed at different rates.  Crew members then use TripTrac™ on their smartphones to capture images of receipts, attach them to their report, and submit electronically via the Internet…no scanners, fax machines, tape, or paper clips needed!  Once the expense reports are received electronically, we can also approve expense reports based on client accounting policies that may be shared with us.  Once the expense reports are approved, crew members are paid fast using JetPro Pilots FastPay™, where payroll is processed every week for wages and expenses.  At the end of the month, these expense reports are combined together into a single invoice that is simple yet fully detailed, well organized, and audit friendly.

In addition, JetPro Pilots offers multiple options for invoicing to help match up with our client’s budget design, including invoicing by employee type and/or by aircraft. 

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