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new beginnings

Around 2008, our founding partners recognized a need in the business aviation industry.  Through their experience in the industry, whether actually flying or helping to consult aircraft owners and operators, they were consistently seeing that flight departments were having difficulty finding quality crew members to help fly and maintain their aircraft as the needs of their business and the flight department went through changes.

After talking with a few people and studying the market a bit more to confirm their hunch, it was decided that a new company would be formed to help provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions for flight departments across the United States.  As the ideas for the business model were developed, philosophies like fast pay for the crew members, and good insurance coverage were built in from first-hand experience in the industry.  JetPro Pilots, LLC was founded in 2009.

rapid growth and challenges

In the first several years, the partners did all of the work themselves, handling everything from sales and marketing…to managing crew members…to handling the details of the back office.  The company grew rapidly with more clients, more crew members, and more trips to manage.  The concept for TripTrac™ was born out of the need to be efficient in handling the large volume of expense reports that needed reviewed and processed.  The idea came from a similar product that had been developed by one of the partners in the banking industry for handling electronic bill payments for consumers.  The concept of having a mobile app that processes expense reports in a similar way for pilots and flight attendants was not a far stretch from this existing product that had already been developed.  JetPro Pilots hired a part-time software developer and given the task of developing the app, and work on TripTrac™ began.

As work on the app continued, the partners also realized that company had grown to a point where it needed to move to the next level.  JetPro Pilots’s revenue has doubled for several years in a row and had reached nearly $3 million in annual sales.  A full time person would be needed to manage the day-to-day operations and grow the company.  A job search was launched, and a new Director of Operations was hired.  At the same time, the software developer position was upgraded from part time to full time.  Our first operations team.

foundations for the future

The new team settled into JetPro Pilots’s new office space and continued to provide services and streamline operations.  TripTrac™ was finalized and soon launched and rolled out to crew members to process their expense reports.  As higher volumes continued to come in, JetPro Pilots’s database now included hundreds of users based all over the United States.  The original infrastructure that was put into place was not able to support the growing volume.  

JetPro Pilots researched the market and moved to a state-of-the-art payroll and HR systems which allows for customization as well as integration with its own proprietary software.  This allows the multiple systems to talk to each other, further increasing efficiency and automate many of the internal tasks that were previously done manually when the company first began.  This provides a strong foundation on which JetPro Pilots can continue to grow in a healthy and responsible way, continuing to take good care of both its new and existing base of clients.  Today, JetPro Pilots continues to work with flight departments and other agencies within the business aviation community to provide smart and efficient solutions for their crewing needs.

serving flight departments nationwide
from the summit city

In today’s world, many businesses can be managed from anywhere the world.  At the same time, however, everyone needs a place to call home.  For our office team, it’s Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This family-friendly city with a low cost of living is an ideal environment for great customer service and efficient operations.

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