automated systems

to manage payroll and expenses

Smart technology linking payroll and expenses to invoicing.

payroll & expense reporting simplified

JetPro Pilots’s customized aviation software allows us to accurately and efficiently process payroll and expenses for a single or hundreds of crew members.

Leveraging technology. Reducing costs.

When using JetPro Pilots for your crewing needs, payroll is not only simplified, it is practically eliminated for the flight department.  JetPro Pilots handles the complete payroll process and insulates our clients from this administrative burden.  We process the crews’ expense reports and pay them fast using JetPro FastPay™.  As part of the payroll process, we withhold state and federal income tax on behalf of each employee, according to their direction on their W4 and pertinent state form, depending on their state of residence.

JetPro Pilots has employees in states across the country, and we have JetPro Pilots accounts that are established and maintained in these states to handle the payroll tax withholdings. That administrative legwork is part of ‘what we do’ and gives flight departments the flexibility to use pilots and crew from various states, through JetPro Pilots, without taking on this administrative burden themselves.

In addition to handling administrative legwork on behalf of our clients, JetPro Pilots as the employer of record, pays the employer portion of state and federal unemployment taxes (Medicare and Social Security), as well as state & federal unemployment taxes as required.  All of these items are simply taken care of by JetPro, who consolidates everything in to a single invoice at the end of the month to cover all of your JetPro crew wages and expenses.

Finally, at the end of the year, JetPro Pilots issues a W2 to each employee who received a JetPro Pilots payroll check during that tax year, eliminating the need for a flight department to issue a W2 or 1099.

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