crew record tracking
designed for business aviation

Record keeping is not the most glamorous part of aviation, but it is certainly vital.
At JetPro, we have created automated systems to ensure crew members are maintaining their currency in their respective aircraft.

Keep track with CrewTrac™.

CrewTrac™ is what we call our internal tracking system that enables us to keep up with all of the required certificates, training and other credentials that are required for each crew member.  This can become complex to maintain for a flight department, and its easy for things to fall through the cracks, especially as time moves on and things begin to expire.

With JetPro, we track all credentials and certificates to satisfy FAA requirements.  In addition, we work with our clients to determine if they have any required in-house training that they have developed and would like for us to keep track of…and we can build that into our system as well, at no extra cost.  CrewTrac™ allows our clients to rest easy, knowing that everyone on the roster is competent and current.

This all sounds labor intensive and expensive, however, this system is mostly automated, using a combination of state-of-the-art enterprise HR software and customized software designed specifically for business aviation, developed and maintained exclusively by JetPro.  This means that with our in-house technology experts, we are able to design our systems to process higher volumes with less overhead.  This translates into higher accuracy in our services and less burden on our administrative team, which means better service and lower markups for our clients.

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