when hiring and
placing crew members

we think differently

A unique and flexible approach to business aviation staffing.

simple hiring solutions with no hiring penalties

As pilots, we understand business aviation needs change frequently. Whether you are looking for contract crew members or
full-time employees, JetPro provides a flexible solution without the typical fines and penalties.

Unique and refreshingly simple.

Since we are pilot owned, we think a little differently.  We have positioned ourselves so that we don’t get in the way, and that we are the best staffing agency to work with in the industry.  EasyRecruit™ is one of the real ways in which we do this.  We want pilots and flight departments to have a good experience when they use JetPro, even if that means we sacrifice profits.  We appreciate when a fellow airman might fly with JetPro for a while and then get hired permanently by one of our clients.  When this happens, it cuts JetPro out of the loop, but that’s OK.  We are all in this together, and we celebrate when ‘one of ours’ lands a permanent position with a great organization.

Often the needs of flight departments are very fluid, changing constantly based on the changing needs of the business and use (or non-use) of the aircraft.  When a contract is signed with JetPro, there may not be the intention initially of hiring anyone onto the flight department’s payroll.  However, as business requirements change, perhaps the staffing needs change and it makes more sense for the flight department to hire that person that may have been flying through JetPro.  EasyRecruit™ is built into our standard contract, so it remains in place when it is needed, allowing a direct hire to be made, no strings attached.

Sometimes, a client will enter into a new contract with JetPro with the sole intention of eventually hiring a full time employee.  Perhaps they are having trouble finding the perfect candidate, perhaps they want to fly with several folks to see who fits best, or perhaps they just want to keep their options open.  In any case, EasyRecruit™ can be used to help a flight department find, screen and hire that perfect candidate for full time employment.  It’s just one more way JetPro is easy to work with.

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