18 Jun 2024

Meet the JetPro Pilots: Daniel Kintigh

Things are happening fast for Daniel Kintigh — and not just when he’s at the controls of a Citation jet.

Not quite three years ago when Daniel — a native Hoosier — was completing his flight training in Kansas, at Hesston College. He got his degree and pilot certification, got a job with a flight service, got married, then got noticed by JetPro Pilots recruiter Seth Roberts. Good things have been happening for Daniel ever since.

“It all started just when my wife Hannah and I found out we were expecting,” Daniel recalled in a recent conversation. “Seth reached out to me through LinkedIn and told me about a job in central Kansas.  My wife has family out this way and the position he described to me sounded kind of like a dream job: typically three days a week, you don’t work many weekends, and you know your schedule in advance.”

The job was with one of JetPro’s clients that operates throughout the the U.S. and needed an SIC for one of its CJs. Though Daniel was working in Lawrence, Kansas, at the time he was familiar with facilities in the central part of the state from his time at Hesston.

Daniel was still working on his ATP when he was hired, but he had significant jet experience and so he was a perfect fit for SIC, with the expectation to grow into a Captain role. These qualifications, in conjunction with Daniel’s great attitude, made the opportunity a good fit on both sides. Daniel was hired in February 2023, not long before he and Hannah greeted their son, Foster.

Daniel now flies exclusively for his Kansas employer, thanks to the connection made through the JetPro Recruit program. Fast forward to almost a year later, Daniel has continued to work hard and plans to soon obtain his ATP and his CE-525S type rating. He now handles domestic routes. Given his duties as a new dad, it couldn’t have worked out better.

“I’m home more now than I used to be,” Daniel says of his schedule. “I’m flying three days a week, which is ideal. To get this kind of job at 23 years old is kind of unheard of.”

He adds: “I’m appreciative and grateful to JetPro for this. It has been a wonderful opportunity and I love my job. I’ve been very blessed.”