29 Mar 2024

Meet the JetPro Pilots: Skylar Henson

When you meet a man whose first name is Sky, you figure he must be a pilot.

You’d be right.

Skylar Henson — “Sky” to his friends — is among hundreds of pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance technicians that JetPro Pilots calls upon to fill its clients’ business aviation staffing needs, on a short- or long-term basis.

Aviation has long been a family affair with the Hensons, and Sky brings that expertise and enthusiasm with him to every JetPro assignment.

Sky grew up in a rural home east of Wichita, Kansas. A grass airstrip was his back yard. His grandfather flew World War II planes as an airshow performer.

“It was a real stick-and-rudder, grassroots-type environment,” Sky recalls of his granddad’s influence. “I thought my future would be in airshow aviation.”

After high school, Sky enrolled in classes through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and, at age 20, was hired by Wichita-based CessnaAircraft (Textron) in its experimental engineering department. Before long, he was working with Cessna’s Citation line, testing prototypes and earning ratings and certifications in the process, while becoming a flight instructor. Eight years later, he started his own business, Mach Aviation Pilot Services.

“This was when the general aviation boom started, and there was a need in that niche market for contract flying,” he explains of that venture.

Sky was working with Cessna, handling shakedown and delivery of new and pre-owned aircraft as well as pilot mentoring, when contacts there connected him with JetPro Pilots in 2019. Since then, he has flown Citation CJ and 525 aircraft on domestic assignments through JetPro. He appreciates the way JetPro’s processes have streamlined crew responsibilities.

“Working for JetPro has delivered the kind of simplicity and efficiency for me that makes me want to continue with them,” he says.

Meanwhile, Sky and his wife Amanda have built a new home in Wichita, where he also is involved in real estate development. He finds time to work with a new generation of flying Hensons, regularly sharing the controls of his personal Beechcraft Bonanza with his 10-year-old son, Ace, who has already logged more than 500 flight hours. And the Hensons are expecting an addition to their family this spring, which might someday make for a crowded cabin.

“I can see a big challenge in a couple of years fighting for stick time,” between Ace and his new sibling, Sky laughs.

Skylar Henson says pilots are people “who are designed to be on the move.” And his association with JetPro Pilots has been a move he’s happy he made.

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