26 Dec 2023

Meet the JetPro Pilots: Stirling Mazenko

Stirling Mazenko has been flying airplanes most of his life.

But he’s never been higher on an employer as he is on JetPro Pilots.

“There nothing not to like about the organization,” he says of JetPro, which has provided him assignments since 2016. “They’ve been really good to me — very professional, very pleasant, very easy to work with.”

As is the case with many contract pilots, Mazenko has signed on with various providers through the years, and JetPro is not the only agency he flies for today. But it is one he is especially satisfied with.

“They don’t make anything complicated, and that’s important in this business,” he explains. “For instance, they pay you very quickly, and I appreciate that. I love the expense program they use, TripTrac. It’s a super system. If you have a question, they have an answer. When you’re paid promptly and treated nicely, those are people you want to work with.”

Mazenko grew up in the Chicago area, and has been around aircraft since he landed a job at a small local airport at age 15. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the well-regarded aviation maintenance school at Lewis University, in suburban Chicago, and received his A&P certification at around the same time. His pilot’s credentials came next, and he became a flight instructor in the early 1980s.

After a year of flying night freight routes, Mazenko began working his way up the commercial aviation ranks with a regional carrier before joining American Airlines full-time in 1986. He was with American for 27 years, and relocated his family to Durango, Colorado.

But he was ready for a change, and was “just looking around” at an NBAA convention when he stopped at the JetPro Pilots booth. He struck up a conversation with JetPro COO and Partner Jason Wardwell.

“I’d decided to do something different, to explore the corporate aviation world at the age of 52,” he says, recalling the encounter. “I was kind of networking around and met Jason. We talked. I knew I didn’t want to relocate my kids to NewYork or the West Coast, and learned that, with JetPro, I wouldn’t have to do that. It was the beginning of a really good relationship.”

JetPro has provided Mazenko with regular duty flying Gulfstream G450, G550, and G650 aircraft. “That’s all I fly,” he notes. “But I’m not the only one they have flying those planes, so when I get a text that an opportunity is open I get right on it, if I can.

“I can’t say enough about how pleasant and respectful the people at JetPro are. If I would get to work for only one company, it would be them.”

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