03 Aug 2015

TripTrac™ Released

August 3, 2015

JetPro Pilots announces today that TripTrac™ has been released for daily use by its pilots and other crew members.  The application is a mobile-friendly expense reporting application designed specifically for business aviation.  TripTrac™ uses the smartphone’s camera capabilities to take high quality photos of receipts and allows users to submit expenses electronically as part of the expense report for a trip, but can also be used on a tablet or PC.  The app manages user information, including each crew member’s daily rate, positioning rate, aircraft, and client information.  The user simply enters travel & positioning dates along with receipt information and images.  This information is submitted electronically and payments are reimbursed fast with JetPro’s weekly payroll cycle.  Once the expense report has been approved, the crew member receives an electronic version of their expense report e-mailed back to them in a PDF format.  TripTrac™ is also used to distribute pay stubs to crew members, making it a single source for tracking wages, expenses, and pay stubs. 

As director of Operations Jason Wardwell explained, “The launch of this application is really exciting for us.  The benefits are four-fold.”

“First, TripTrac™ is a big win for our crew members.  During their onboarding process with JetPro, they are each given access to this application at no charge and as a benefit of being part of the team.  The app has been designed to be simple and straightforward to use, requiring the crew members to spend as little time as possible on their expense reports.  When we leverage this with our quick payroll cycles, it creates a positive experience for our crew members that is second to none in our industry.”

”Second, it is also a big win for our internal operations team, since back-end administrative tools have also been designed into TripTrac™ which make it very efficient to process payroll for the crew.  The system is intentionally designed so that human eyes will always be involved in the approval process, but the steps required to do so are streamlined.”

“Third, TripTrac™ generates our client invoices in a similar format as the one that goes to the crew members.  Client invoices are organized into monthly summaries for easy management review, trip summaries by crew member for each trip, and detailed receipt images for every single expense.  This layout makes the invoice easy to review, audit friendly, and 100% transparent.

“But the fourth and most exciting part about this for me is that this lays another important piece of groundwork for the long-term growth of our organization.  By keeping this process so consistent, accurate and efficient, it minimizes our overhead and allows us to compete on price.  The cost of this technology development will be amortized over a long period of time, minimizing our overhead for many years in the future.  Instead of hiring armies of administrative personnel to handle the back office, we are using technology to run lean and keep the markup low for our clients.”